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Appliance Anxiety: Replace It or Fix It?

Appliance Anxiety: Replace It or Fix It?

Why it is generally better to repair your appliances than it is to buy new.

We really do put our money where our mouth is!

We’ve become a throwaway society: something isn’t working right and our first instinct is to replace it altogether.

But, there are a lot of kitchen and laundry appliances that could be repaired just as easily — and for a lot less money. At All Pro Appliance, we emphasize repair over purchase with our customers.

We push repairs because that is what we honestly believe in, and by allowing our beliefs to become our business model, our customers know that they can trust us to do what we think is right, not just most profitable.

Perhaps you, too, will be “aficionados for repair” once you read more about why we feel so strongly about it.

  • Repairs cost less than new purchases, while adding years of use. Spending a few hundred dollars always beats spending additional hundreds, if not thousands. And if that lower expense also extends the life of your equipment for additional years (which is the whole point of doing it), then all the better, right?
  • Older equipment is usually better-made equipment. This might not be true for maximum energy efficiency, in some cases. But the trade-off in a slightly lower efficiency can be more than offset by the quality of a system’s parts. Yesterday’s machines were made with quality metals; today’s are often made with cheaper metal composites and plastics. So a new machine is far more prone to breakdowns…and paying for that over and over is certainly not an efficient use of your time or money.
  • Newer equipment often uses complicated computer technologies. That is why today’s appliances can often overheat and experience other unexpected problems. (For example, did you know that simply by opening your washer’s door or adjusting its knobs while it’s operating could cause two motors to burn out?) So replacing “ol’ reliable” before it’s absolutely necessary can introduce a costly “ol’ unreliable” into your home. And repairing electronic equipment will always cost you more money than it would to fix simpler mechanical equipment.
  • Electronic control boards are always at risk. Most consumers don’t realize that today’s more complicated electrical systems are at risk for costly damage even when they are not being used. A power surge or brown-out can attack a modern appliance’s computer motherboard(s), shorting out or eliminating it's ability to operate without expensive replacement.
  • Repairing supports the United States of America in more ways than one. Over the past decade or so, more appliance-related jobs have been outsourced overseas. Thousands of American workers have been laid off and once-vital neighborhood factories have shut down. So (1) buying new equipment actually rewards corporations for this behavior. (2) A lot of earlier, high-quality parts are still inventoried by a vital network of U.S. distributors, many “Mom & Pop” businesses, so ordering these inventoried parts can help Americans keep their homes and raise their children. And (3) repairing is a form of recycling, keeping more appliances in our homes and fewer in our landfills and scrap yards.

Yes, we could probably make more money urging new appliances at the first sign of trouble. But for all the reasons stated above, we remain confident that repair is always the better course of action whenever possible.

Let’s put it this way: When we tell you it is time to buy a new machine, you can be certain that we are telling you the truth.

Should you need a new appliance, All Pro Appliance can give you a referral for a new one at an affordable price, because we have aligned ourselves with some of Oklahoma's leading appliance distributors.


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