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Nothing To See Here...Just Tom Cruise Sniffing A Refrigerator

Nothing To See Here...Just Tom Cruise Sniffing A Refrigerator

Tom Cruise: There's nothing like a good old-fashioned fridge sniffing session. Now smelling one after the power has been out a couple/three days, I can understand, but when it's new?

As legend has it, Tom was was spotted while out shopping for a new refrigerator when he was seen taking getting up close and personal with the appliance and just had to know what it smelled like.

According to an eyewitness: “Tom came back in today, but seemed a little distanced. When we asked him if he needed any help, he ignored us and wandered away.”

“A moment later, he started sniffling appliances. It was pretty bizarre, when we asked him what he was doing he replied, “Just shopping…” He ended up buying the Refrigerator, so it’s all good.”


However, further investigation reveals that this photo is, sadly, a fake. We’re as disappointed as you are. I know I would prefer to live in a world in which Tom Cruise sniffs appliances, but alas, it was just a gimmicky marketing ploy by an appliance dealer.

Oh well. Hopefully next week will dredge up something equally ludicrous, like Miley Cyrus using a toaster as a tongue stretcher, or Johnny Depp using a dryer to de-thaw a turkey. We can dream.


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