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Ice Maker Repair


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Ice Maker Repair

Ice maker not making ice?

With Oklahoma's scorching summers and mild winters, an icemaker is essential no matter what time of year it is. Fast and Reliable Ice Maker Repair for Edmond, OK and the OKC Metro Area. ALL PRO Edmond  & OKC Appliance Repair Services all Standalone and Internal Ice Makers. In addition to being able to repair your Ice Maker, All Pro Appliance Repair can give you tips and tools to perform routine maintenance on your Ice Maker so problems won't arise in the future. At All Pro Appliance Repair, our qualified ice maker repair staff is friendly and helpful.

Ice Maker Repair Oklahoma City & Edmond, OK. (405) 341-8007

Ice maker Not working? Ice Maker not making ice? Is your ice maker leaking water?

We can help!

Ice Maker Repair Edmond, OK & Oklahoma City - (OKC) Ice Maker Repair Fast and Reliable Ice Maker Repair for Edmond, OK and the OKC Metro Area. All Pro Edmond  & OKC

Appliance Repair Services all Standalone and Internal Ice Makers

With Oklahoma's scorching summers and mild winters, an Ice Maker is essential no matter what time of year it is. When it comes to throwing a party, or having extra company over for entertaining, ice makers come in handy as ice is readily available at hand. Ice Makers provide convenience without the hassle of refilling ice trays and waiting on them to freeze. Ice is automatically made for you and your family to use. Of course, if your Ice Maker is broken, then that inconvenience can easily become a nightmare to fix. You could try to fix it yourself, but who has the time or the know how to fix a broken Ice Maker? Plus, think of the added expense if you made a mistake during the repair. It could cost a fortune if you turn the simple problem into a bigger problem. So who knows how to fix an Ice Maker quickly and without breaking the bank?

All Pro Appliance Repair does!

We have trained professionals there at a moment's notice to help you get your Ice Maker repaired quickly and economically. Our certified and knowledgeable staff can help you get your Ice Maker running again in no time. Most problems are common and easily fixed in your home in very little time. In addition to being able to repair your Ice Maker, All Pro Appliance Repair can give you tips and tools to perform routine maintenance on your Ice Maker so problems won't arise in the future. At All Pro Appliance Repair, our staff is friendly and helpful, and we can answer all of your kitchen appliance questions.

The most common Ice Maker problems that could use expert ice maker repair services include issues like:

  • Not making ice
  • Ice Has a Bad Taste
  • Loud Noises Coming From the Machine
  • Dirty or Discolored Ice
  • Water Leaks
  • Overheating
  • Small or Strangely Shaped Ice
  • Ice Maker Not Getting Water
  • Low Productivity
  • No Ice at All!
  • Coolant Leaks
  • The ice maker unit is making noise but not producing ice
  • Ice is coming out in smaller than usual cubes
  • The ice cubes appear dirty
  • The ice your unit makes smells foul
  • The lamp in your unit has stopped functioning
  • The unit has a leak
  • The unit is frozen over
  • The unit makes large lumps of ice instead of cubes
  • The ice maker unit is overly loud
  • The unit feels hot when you touch it
  • The unit makes ice at a much slower pace than normal
  • In refrigerator door models, the ice could drop from the door without unit engagement
  • In refrigerator door models, the ice is being produced but is not dispensing properly

All of these are common problems that All Pro Appliance Repair can easily help you with. By calling All Pro Appliance Repair to fix your Ice Maker you can avoid replacing your existing unit and save hundreds of dollars.

Refrigerator ice maker repair

A Ice Maker is in a way an independent appliance inside the appliance and most of the time Ice Maker problems are not directly related to the refrigerator problems. If it has been just installed it will probably take up to 72 hours for the full production of ice. In order for an ice maker to cycle freezer conditions must be normal. If it is below normal it will suspend ice making process but that does not mean that your ice maker is broken. Also there should be no crumpled tubing from water supply.

Sometimes your ice maker might produce hollow cubes. Almost in all instances this would happen due to the insufficient water supply. There is a possibility that the filter is clogged and needs to be changed. In some cases the signs of improper water overflow will appear in the ice bucket and or immediately around the ice maker, when the ice maker system is showing signs of malfunction. Getting an expert advice as to what the issue that you're having is, and whether or not it can be repaired swiftly can be easily done by calling a professional. Most issues can be signs of larger problems and can be hard to assess without an experienced technician looking at the issue and seeing whether or not it's a problem with the ice maker itself, refrigerator, connections, or something else.

It's imperative that you don't let any problems with your ice maker to go without addressing it to technician. It's far cheaper to have a professional come in and help you than to wait for something to break apart and cause you to then have a bigger issue. Instead of waiting, simply call a pro and tell them what's going on- you'll be surprised how much lower the cost will be than to replace a broken ice maker completely.

Common problems

  • Off-taste, odor or gray color in the ice
  • The ice maker is not producing ice
  • Makes too much ice or will not shut off
  • An ice cube jammed in the ice maker ejector arm
  • Hollow cubes
  • The water is leaking through the mold into the ice bucket
  • Makes too much ice or will not shut off

Do not replace your ice maker when you encounter any of the issues mentioned above or when something seems to not be going right. The problem could be an easy fix that requires a few turns of the wrench or it could be a matter of changing a part. Get expert advice first and see if a technician can get to the root cause. Often times homeowners make mistakes when dealing with machines in their home thinking that they will only malfunction when replacements are needed, but that's definitely not the case with many appliances. Whenever in doubt, call an expert.

Were here to help!

If your Ice Maker calls it quits, you need help fast. That's where the All Pro Appliance Repair Service pros come in. We have extensive experience resolving all types of ice maker repair problems--ranging from broken ice maker modules to malfunctioning thermostats to water valves -and from diagnostics to final clean up, our expert ice maker repair technicians will take great care of you. The All Pro Appliance Repair Service trucks are fully stocked with most appliance parts, ensuring we can provide the fastest, most efficient service possible. And remember, our staff is generally able to provide same-day service, keeping your inconvenience (and loss of ice production) to a minimum. All Pro Appliance Repair Service also provides fridge repair for integrated ice and water dispensers and ice makers, so no matter what your ice maker repair needs, we're qualified to tackle the job! We regularly repair all of these appliance types and brands:

  • Whirlpool Ice Maker Repair
  • Kitchen Aid Ice Maker Repair
  • Maytag Ice Maker Repair
  • GE Ice Maker Repair
  • Frigidaire Ice Maker Repair
  • Scotsman Ice Maker
  • Amana Ice Maker Repair
  • Under Counter Ice Maker Repair
  • Ice Makers In The Refrigerator
  • Refrigerator And Freezer Ice Maker Repairs
  • Ice Maker Repairs

All Pro Appliance Repair Service is dedicated to serving all of our clients with their Ice Maker Repair needs in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont, Surrey Hills, Village, Warr Acres, Bethany, Deer Creek and surrounding areas.

We have been serving our Oklahoma customers for years and we are confident that our experience can provide you with high quality professional ice maker repairs anytime you need it. Besides outstanding know-how, all of our clients enjoy affordable rates and also services from friendly, informative team of techs with refrigeration expertise. If you want to schedule a refrigerator ice maker or under counter ice maker maintenance check or need a technician to make a repair, contact All Pro Appliance repair today!

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